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Caitlin's LiveJournal

Caitlin, Banana, Zanzle, Caitbug, Caitcait, Leber, Boofboof Cook, Cait

caitlin H
Hi all!
Thanks for checking out my LJ,
Or you may have gotten here from
, which was given to me as a Christmas present in 2005!
If you're looking for my quizzes and extras, see
If you're looking for my Guide Dog Journal, see
At the time I was responsible enough to edit my Info, I am sixteen years old and going into eleventh grade in the fall. I love to read, write, sing, socialize with family and friends, and listen to music, among other things. I happen to be a blindie, so yay for that! My condition is Leber's Congenital Amaurosis, or LCA. I can see light and dark, and shadows. Basically by shadows, what i mean is, like, random things that look like blobs. I can' tell a pole from a person, in other words. It doesn't really help me get around ,seeing this stuff, so I'm considered totally blind, which is cool with me. I get around by using a cane, at present. However, I'm going to Guide Dogs for the Blind in San Rafael, California, this summer. There, i hope to get my first guide dog. As for literacy, I read Braille, obviously. I can't see colors either. I only say this so you can understand my perspective a bit more, and so you won't get confused when I write about things.
I live in California about an hour away from San Francisco. I have a Mom, Debbie, a Dad, Mark and a nineteen-year-old sister, Courtney. Court's going to be a junior in college, and she's transfering, so she'll be living in her own place for the first time this fall. We get along really well, but since she babysits and goes to school, i don't see her as often as i used to, so she's not really in my LJ a ton.
In school my favorite subjects are English and Chorus. My least favorite subject is anything Math. Ugh I hate Math haha.
I love my family to pieces! I'm always eager to make new friends so feel free to add me and I'll probably reciprocate. Just comment and let me know you added me.
I have sworn to remain as loyal as possible to my little LiveJournal here. So have fun reading it! I try and post one huge(ish) entry every day. I write it on my BrailleNote, which is a portable device that is somewhat analogous to a laptop.
Learn more about the BrailleNote at
.I write between classes at school, in the car, in my room or wherever, whenever. Then, at the end of the day, I download the entry onto a compact flash card and put it on my computer and put it on my LiveJournal. MY ENTRIES ARE HUGE! AND I DON't USE LJ CUTS! THAT'S YOUR CUE TO GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN IF YOU DON'T LIKE HUGE ENTRIES THAT ARE UNCUT! AND I POST EVERY DAY! THAT'S RIGHT! EVERY DAY! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! :D
And this Bio is getting really long so if you have anymore questions just comment here or contact me in any other way you know how.
is my web site with my friend Derek! So please check it out!
I'm also a proud member of TBRN, or The Beyond Radio network. You can check that out at
Thanks again for reading.
Take care, and Happy Day!

Communities I Maintain and Moderate

I maintain a community for my high school. If you go to my high school, use the schools feature on LJ to find the community.
I also maintain a community for the chorus I'm in outside of school. If you're in that, contact me for more information.
I created and maintain a community at
, which is for both blind and sighted girls to talk about girl stuff in the privacy of our girldom. So to all you girls and women, please join in and tell your girl pals! Helping me with BSG are
If you are a blind student, or are interested in blind students, you should check out
The Nationl Alliance of Blind Students' LJ Community at
and get involved! I am currently the Junior Representative on the NABS Board, and I help moderate this community. My good friend
is in charge of the NABS Blog. So pop on over and check it out, guys!
My pal Derek
and I maintain
, which is all about our radio show on TBRN, The Beyond Radio Network.
The counterpart to Deraitland is
, where we discuss a mystery caller that is often heard calling into The Beyond Radio Network.
In fact, TBRN has its own community at
, which my pal
and I moderate. So dig that too, while you're at it!
My good buddy
and I both moderate a cool community for writers at
! There's, like, no members, so if you like to write at all, do join and get this community off the ground. Thanks.
has made me the co-maintainer of another writing community,
, so be sure to check that out if you're looking for creative writing fun!
Dasha also selected me as Vice-President of
World Association Improving Lives
, so check that out if you like helping people!
One of my good friends and role models,
has made me the co-moderator of
, a community devoted to the discussion of perfect pitch. If you have it or are interested, join now.
My friend
made me the moderator of
! If you like fun, crazy talk, join here. TBRN fans will be especially pleased with this one!
Along those same lines, fans of
will be interested in
, which is a fun-filled community that my buddy
and I moderate.
has made me the assistant maintainer of
, which is a role playing community for the novel and movie, "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants." If you're a fan of this series or movie, join in and tell your friends!
The counterpart of Love_Pants is
, which discusses gameplay and strategies.
Along the same lines, I am a co-maintainer of another Sisterhood community at
, where you can go for book talk, icons and anything Sisterhood.
I am the assistant moderator for
, which is a role-playing community for the His Dark Materials series by Philip Pullman. Read them! "The Golden Compass," "The Subtle Knife" and "The Amber Spyglass." Note "The Golden Compass" is called "Northern Lights" in the UK.
to learn all about Heather Hutchison, the best singer on the planet!
All blindies should join:
! It's the best place to get blindie advice and information.
If you wanna see my old journal entries from middle school, along with quizzes and other random things, visit my other LiveJournal at
. I also post some quizzes, and other writing and schoolwork there occasionally.
To read my Guide Dog Chronicles, go to
Thanks to
Rachel C
, who, apart from being my Girl BFFL, picked out my icons and organized my awesome layout!
Thanks to
for buying me the domain at
And thanks to you, for reading this! :)

Other Stuff

Even though I'm not in it anymore since i'm too old:

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