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Saturday, September 10, 2005

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In The Car

Hi people!

So we're diving off to see



in Anne of Green Gables, just as I promised, haha. We got In-And-Out for lunch, and I ate and listened to my fanfic.

So, now, about the day before yesterday, haha.

Í had had a dream about guide dogs and had forgot what the last night's was.

So that morning, we discussed the break-in in the car. When we got to school,



armed with his elementary school backpack (which was far too small) and his World History binder, which he thanfully left in his locker, Madame C was told about what had happened, and she kept saying, "Oh, poor baby," which for some reason amused me almost to the point of hysteria. Her French accent definitely made it even more cute and grandmotherish. Haha.

Then Joe thought he'd remembered his check, for the workbook, but then he discovered he hadn't. In about ten minutes, he would discover that he had remembered it after all. Haha. But anyway, it was amusing, and we were teasing him about how forgetful he is. He'd even forgot to pack a pen and pencil of all things, and he declined my generous offer to let him use my BrailleNote in turns. %Gee, I wonder why he didn't take me up on that one. I mean it's simple to use and all. You don't even need %training or anything. Hahahaaa.

Then we discovered that my stupid, stupid printer didn't print the accents in on my homework. Actually, we already knew that. We just rediscovered it. This annoyed me a lot, and so I told Madame C I'd just email her my work in future rather than flunk for lack of accents. Had I known this printer was the complete and utter stupid, I wouldn't have bought it. Or rather, I wouldn't have condoned my parents' purchase of it. But, being as technologically disinclined (AKA ignorant) as I am, I didn't, so that's just too bad and too sad for meee. Waaa.




was recounting an incident that had occurred the day before, which I haven't accounted for yet. I shall do it in script form, because it's easier.

The following scene took place outside the Chorus room.

(Derek and Joe stroll purposefully toward Biology. A kid runs in Derek's path and trips over his cane.)

Derek (probably): Ah, merde!

Kid: Hey! Watch where you're swinging that stick.

Derek: (to himself) If I could watch where I was swinging it, I wouldn't have one at all.

Haha. How brainless. Why would Derek be %wielding a cane unless he couldn't see? Haha.

Then in French, we went over the homework, and



wrote "right elbow" and "left elbow," on %my elbows respectively, and promised that, tomorrow, she would right "left" on my right, and vice versa, just to be confusing.

Then in History, we had a pop quiz, which wasn't brailled, but that was okay. Mr. H just read us the first four questions and said we'd get double points on those however we'd done.

Turns out we'll be using Cornell Notes in this class, if we like, just like we did with Mrs. G. Half our class or more knew how to do it already, apparently, which is kind of weird, as I doubt they all had Mrs. G last year, since World History is, presumably, just a sophomore class, unless a junior flunked out last year. But if they flunked out of World History, odds are they haven't had Bio, and thus, Mrs. G, yet, unless they're just inept at History, like I'm inept with Geometry and now Chemistry. But I digress. It was amusing to be reminded of Cornell notes again. I wonder what other teachers use them. Or which others, rather. Blart. I can't write today or something.

Then some person said hi to me in the hall, I didn't even know who it wa%s. I hate that! Curse it, it makes me feel dumb, especially when they go, "Hi Caitlin!"

And I'm just like, "Oh! Um! Hi, Person!"

Well, I don't say that, but you know what I meañ. Like, I can't be just like, "Who are you?" That sounds so clueless. Haha.

Then I was walking toward H when Michael appeared at my elbow.

"Hi," he said, clapping me on the shoulder.

I grinned at him.

"Where you going?" he demanded, following me.

"H," I said.

"Ah." He moved off. "See ya."

I moved toward the doorway, only to crash right into Sydney.

"Caitlin!" she cried, putting on a mockingly pained tone. "You hit me! How could you!"

Sydney had said yesterday she liked my haircut, and wanted to know where I'd gotten it cut.

Anyway, I was kind of dazed after Chem; the terror of the impending quiz had come over me with full and shockingly extreme force.

Feeling like I was in a daze, I went to English, without waiting for Derek, because I'd told him I might stay behind in Chem with questions. I didn't have any, however; the concepts were as clear to me as I could get them, and I was in no state for reasonable talk right that moment. I'd thought Derek had said he would go on ahead and not wait by Chem for me because I might stay in, but apparently I misheard because he told me later both he and Joe showed up. But that was okay because Derek's class is a door down from Chem, and Joe's a sightie, which makes mobility easy haha.

Anyway, it was easier walking to English without the passing period throng, and once I got there, I emerced myself in my fanfic, trying to leave my troubles behind. It worked scarily well; I woke up when the warning bell jangled, and realized, after about two seconds, that I was actually in a school hallway filled with screaming kids and not in Hogwarts or whereever Í was at that point in the story. It's really kind of scary how I can block things out when I want to. I didn't even set my mind to blocking things out, in particular, I just sort of did it.

Anyway, we talked about Les Mis in English. I think I put my hand up once to give an answer. Í honestly don'%t remember. All I knew was that I had to make the best of today, just grin and bear it, ignore the fact that I have no friends in English class. And, I never thought I would say this, I was looking forward to Algebra. Solving equations over and over seemed like a nice thing right then, so methodical and down to Earth, away from the confusingness of Chem, and the annoyingly saddening reality of no one to talk to ín my English class.

I don't remember what Í did in Algebra; I just remember that Mr. S was there, and he ma%de me happy. He always does, haha. I think he knew I was out of it and buried in my own thoughts, because midway through the Algebra lecture when I probably looked all glazed over, he poked me and went, "You'll tell me if something's unclear."

And I nodded and said, "Of course." I meañt it; I was planning to tell him about Chem in Resource, how it was hard but it wasn't a blindie thing, but rather just my Math ine%ptivity.

By Lunch, I was in considerably high spirits, which improved when, as I walked around the corners, I heard pounding feet and Sara came running over and tackled me in a huge hug, and nearly knocked me off my feet, which was amusing.

"Sara," I gasped, "you scared me."

For I'd been on autopilot, just walking to Bio and not thinking about it, and her sudden appearance had been rather startling. Haha.

My mood, however, was thrown into aggravation when Kellie and Sara started in again about my "boyfriend," and Michael, when I begged him to tell them it had been a joke, said, "But honey, it's not a joke! Are you trying to break up with me? Í think you are!" and stalked off, pretending to be mad. You could so totally tell it was a joke, unless you were Kellie and Sara, who thought this was horrible news, and started hugging me and going, "It's okay, Caitlin, he'll come back to you." And calling me "Mr. T's ex," which was quite scary.

This blew over after awhile, and Í was just happy to be with Kellie and Sara, who have to be the funniest people I know sometimes. I think I'm easily amused, but everything amu%se%s them, and I've learned it's hard to get them mad at you. You just have to say things in a lighthearted way, and they're very easy to get along with. I love teasing them, and they tease back, and it's just relaxing to be with them in a way. I'm glad I have the friends I do; I can be myself and don't have to put on false fronts.

When Sara was being silly at one point, I said to her, kind of shyly, "I miss being with you," and she said she did, too, and it was just very sweet.

Our seriousness was soon short-lived, however, as she and Kellie chose to stick two gobstoppws in my Gator-Aid and try to make me drink them, only I noticed they'd moved their hands suspiciously clo%se to my drink, and upon shaking the bottle, heard the candies rattling around. I was done with my drink anyway, and so we put some chips in with the gobstoppers, to see what color the stuff would turn. Then we were shaking it up and down and Kellie opened it to look inside and neglected to close it all the way, so the mixture splashed all over my hands when I shook it, and Í kind of spazzed and ran blindly to the garbage can to throw it out. Haha.

Then I was like, "Antibacterial soap, all around," and I whipped out a bottle, squirted some on my hand and passed to Sara. While I was rubbing the soap thoroughly into my hands, wincing as a cut smarted, I heard giggling, and before I knew it Sara had rubbed her soap-soaked hand down my face, and it was now dripping with soap.

"Hey!" I bellowed, laughingly rubbing my face off with my hand.

Kellie took the opportunity to grab my backpack and run off with it.

Then we went to the bathroom, and sang our ABC's, which was very strange.

In Resource, Í had the Chem talk with Mr. S, who seemed genuinely concerned. I told him I'd go to the tutoring thingies with Mr. S, the other Bío and Chem teacher. He seemed to appro"e of this idea.

Then I was sullenly doing my Math in the main F 3 room while Derek finished a Math quíz in the cubicle behind me.

Then Mrs. H was beside me, petting my head and going, "Hi, Caitlin. I love your hair. Do you like it?"

"Oh!" I said, kind of caught off duard. "Well, um, it--well, ... I suppose ... I don't really care," I said lamely.

She laughed.

"Well, I don't," I said. "I mean, it's a sightie thing."

"Is being fat a sightie thing?" she asked, amused.

"Sure, why not?" I said agreeably.

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In My Room


The play rocked. I didn't want to type on the way home though because my mom had a splitting headache, and I knew better than to worsen it, so I just listened to my fanfic.

So anyway, to continue.

"I'm just gonna say it is," Mrs. H said, a%mused by my response.

"I will, too; I'll pretend my hair is a sightie thing," he said.

"You've never seen his hair, have you, Caitlin?" Mrs. H asked a%mused.

I shrugged, realizing rather self-consciously that I was slumped over my brailler, and my hair was hanging in my face, which probably made me look funny in a way.

We discussed tutoring, and Mrs. H said, rather wisely, I think, that "kids are smarter than adults in some ways," which was rather %sweet haha.

Before departing, Mrs. H said, "It's a good thing, that you're willing to go to the after-%school thing," and put a hand on my shoulder, like she was honestly proud of me. Somehow, I felt better after hearing this.

I walked to Chorus, feeling considerably happier.

We did a warmup with all the new kids' names. It was funny because Mr. A asked Eva E, the exchange student from Germany, how to say her name, and she was like, "Efa," haha, it was nifty. She speaks English with a German accent, but with procision, and quite admirably.

Josie B who is from same place

Rachel K's

[Unknown LJ tag]


The other new girl is Jackie M, Kellie D's neighbor and friend. I don't know her well.

Then after school, we went to Madame C, to get Derek's books, and gave her Monica's number at the Center, so they could communicate about brailling. Oh, never mind, we gave her that yesterday. It says here in my notes. Anyway, by this time, they were already on their third email, and discovered they both have twins.

Once home, I went on a bríef file search, looking frantically for my D's and Don't's file that Derek,


[Bad username: farha`nk]

and I wrote last year for the Soc in%service-project thing. This was on the dríve home, and I decided it must be on my flash card at home. Derek and I were amused by the files.

Then I went home, did my homework, was becoming frustrated and lost with Chem, called Molly back about French, called



and Whitney with Molly for help (they who weren't home), wound up bugging Derek for help, wrote down guidelines to study off of, and ended up laughing a lot.

Some funny things about the call.

1. Molly's cat was "burbling at me," as she said. At Molly that is.

2. Molly said her cat was eating a plastic bag.

3. "I don't think that's very good for him," Derek said about the bag.

4. Molly said the cat was just chewing on it and licking it multiple times.

5. After this happening, I began frantically taking notes in here.

Derek said, "Oh look! Caitlin has to write notes!" Then he mocked, teasingly, "I was on the phone with Molly and Derek, and I was ....was Here he had to stop because Molly broke out in wild, almost hysterical paroxisms of deranged-sounding, crazed, almost Voldemortish laughter. Like, "Hahahahaha," almost. Haha. You can't even replicate it on paper. Or a computer screen. Or a screen reader. She, like, screamed with laughter! Literally! But I am getting carried away.

6. We told Molly about Patrick, Deraitland, and stuff. We even played her TAS clips and she said she'd like to be with us when we streamed sometime, and that she'd love to have a broadcast. We told her to get a mic and try out; we all a%greed, with amusement, that she would have no problems with content--being in drama, and being naturally talkative, creative and clever, Molly is about the most contentful person I know.

7. "I'b huggry," I said at one point, pretending to be congested.

"Thed why doad't you go do subthig about id?" Derek asked, pretending to be contemptuous.

"Baby i will thed," I said back at him.

8. Molly said, "My cat's licking my toes." Then she called Derek and I whippersnappers when we laughed. Then in her old man voice, she hissed something like, "In my day, you whippersnappers, we had to walk up and pull weeds to get to school, or something. For some reason, when anyone says the word whippersnapper, I laugh for hours. Like, in TWOO, when Oz goes, "Silence, whippersna%pper!" Once I started laughing so hard in rehearsals, that Kate V was like, "Caitlin, are you having a caniption?" Or however you spell it.

Anyway, after Molly the Old Man said her bít, Still . like, "I'm writing that in my LiveJournal, about the the whippersnapper thing."

And Molly was like, "Oh, God, I have to be careful what I say. Like I can't say, Derek, I love you!"

"Why would you say that?" Derek said, perplexedly.

"I'm writing it now, in my LiveJournal," I shrilled teasingly.

"You are God, Thurgle," %Molly cried.

Anyway, then Derek rang off, and Molly and I talked about my LJ and the things that amused her from that one entry, and others: fishy fish fish, other amusing moments, etc.

Then Molly said for her away message she'd put "homework is fun," and one of her friends replied, "If homework is fun, I have an uncle who is a pencil sharpener," which was amusing.

Then Molly explained how her mom, Ann, has the nickname Naked Ann, because when they went to New Zealand, there was an Anne with an E in their tour group, and Avril, their friend from Wales, said Ann T, Molly's mom, was now Naked Ann, because her name looked naked without the E. I found this very, very amu%sing for some reason, perhaps just because of how weird it sounded upon first hearing it and not knowing the story.

Then we discussed our plans for Halloween: I still want to be Ginny. I kept going, in my little Ginny voice with the British accent, "Mummy, have you seen my jumper?" only like, "Mummy, hov you seen my jumpa?"


And Molly was like, "Yes, dear, it's under the cat."

Only more like, "Yes, deeuh, it's unda the cat."

Obviously. Like you guys don't know what a Brit sounds like.

Then we were saying Derek is like Hermione and I'm Ron, or Molly thinks so anyway, because I'm all know-it-allish at times or something? Or because I act like his mother, more like. I'm not really a know-it-all. A know-nothing, more like. Haha.

Then I read %my friends page, but distractedly, worrying about Chem.

Then we had dinner; I had a hotdog, at my favorite place, but once again, there were no good buns.

Then I was dragged to the grocery store, where I got a piece of cheese as compensation.

Then Rachel helped me over the phone with Chem, which helped me feel better.

Then I po/ed my excuse of an entry to LJ.

Ooh, dinner, and just in time, I'm done with the first day I have to write about. Just two more to go! Hahahahaha.

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In My Room

Hi people.

So I awoke, %posted to

Blind People

[Bad username: bl`indpeople]

about working at Starbucks, ate toast and drank applejuice, called Chel%se and told her we'd be at her play the next afternoon. This got me thinking about how much I love the book Anne of Green Gables.

I was wearing a shirt that read, "There's nothing better than talking," and then on the back it reads, "Blah blah blah yap yap yap," which is amusing.

In French, we talked more about Richard L, and how he was at Young Rep, Molly and Anna's drama class, and how John DK was like dissing him and it turned out Richard L was right there the whole time.

"I wanna meet this guy; ask if he's related to Derek," I said.

"Tell him you heard about him through Molly," Anna said.

Then we went over the days of the week because if you put your date with the day on your tests you get a freeby point. And Madame C was like, "Saturday's my favorite day of the week and that is--was

"Samedi," we droñed a%musedly.

"And the next day that I don't like so much--was

"Dimanche," we drawled.

"And the day after that is the worst, because of returning to school."

"Luuuundi," I said in a low, evil-sounding growl.

Anna, beside me, cackled with mirth, which made me grin. "Caitlin, that was amazing," she said.

Then Molly drew a pretend ring on my right ring finger, and we went over adjectives, and a group of us, including, Molly, Anna, Suzanne B and I sang "je suis un pizza," really quietly, while Madame C was sort of not talking, and then she started while we were singing and we kind of kept singing quietly, and she stopped talking, and said, with her lilting French accent, "What are they singing?"

And we simultaneously all stopped singing and collapsed in this wild laughter. I even did a sort of chest-drop onto my desk, I was, like, prostrate with laughter or something. And of course I wound up coughing so hard cuz I was laughing.

Then somehow we got talking about Jacques Çusto who invented the aqualung.

Then Molly said something about her lung pumping, and I started waving my arm and pumping its muscle%s like it was a lung. I don't know why.

Then the other half of the classroom was like, heckuv dead. Like, we'd shout out an answer and they'd be like non-responsive. And Madame C was like, "This half of the class is dead," and it was just hilariou%s. We kept spiritedly bellowing answers, and they'd just sort of ... I dunno ... grunt noncommittally.

Okay, what does this mean. My notes say, "Big head in the world of the sea," I have no idea what that means. Oh, yes I do, she was saying that about Jacques and I found that amusing.

And then we got the adjective spirituel, and we all thought it meant religious beç of spirit, but it really means witty and sarcastic, and I was like, "Thurgle is that."

Then we got sensitive, and Madame C was like, "A sensitive person would be crying over a dead dog in the street, or sobbing over a poor young girl who is being dumped, and is bawling all by herself." It was quite a ... well, an analogy, to be sure.

Then on the way to History, some random woman said hi to us, and I was like, "Who was that?"

And Derek was like, "I don't know."

And I was like, "It was a woman."

And Derek barked, in this sarcastic, falsely overly cheerful voice, "Let's play state the obvious!" like a game show host. We always used to say this a long time ago.

So we did play State the Obvious.

"The ground is beneath us."

"X'sloud in here."

"Air is airy."

Et cetera.

Then Joe ke%pt calling his History binder, and ow was like, "Just call it a doob."

Then Derek got his finger slammed in a door, and ; all pityingly like a mother. "Derek, are you okay?"


"Does it hurt?"

"Kind of."

"Well, you could go to the--was

"It's okay."

"Is it all feverish?"

"I dunno yet."

"Mine was when Í slammed it."

"It doesn't hurt much."

"Oh. Okay." Ten seçonds later. "Are you sure you're okay."


"Okay. Just checking."

Haha I'm so paranoid. But Í shut it after then, knowing D would complain if it hurt.

Then Mesopotamia was mentioned, and I said to Derek, "Isn't that where the people who invented school were from? You know ... the Samaritans?"

And Derek started craçking up and went, "The Sumerians, you mean."

And I realized my mistake and started laughing because in sixth grade I always associated the two ^ws and apparently the wrong one had just popped out.

Then this one girl was trying to name the three main religions from the early civilizations, and she was like, "Um, Christianity ... um, Catholic--was

And like everyone started laughing. It was mean.

"Don't laugh at me," she said, sounding all hurt. Then she was like, "Um ..."

And some kid was like, "Muslim," only I think he was serious, and everyone started laughing again. It was so sad.

Then Kevin G, during one point in the discussion when migration and stuff came up, asked how did people became different colors, and people laughed at that, too, which made me really mad, because I was interested, too, and thought it was a really cool question. That was rude of them to laugh, especially considering that that was pretty brave of Kevin to say without being nervou%s about calling attention to h%mf or sounding like a person obsessed by raçe or something. High schoolers take innocent questions and butcher them. I mean, Kevin is black, so they could have been like, "Ooh, he's all self-pitying because he's different." But Kevin ignored this and asked anyway. I know I wouldn't have put up my hand and asked how blindness originated, I'd be too ... I dunno. I just wouldn't. I wonder how it did. I wonder who the first blind person was. I should look into that. I bet you a millíon bucks that after



sees this entry, he'll go look it up. Or probably he already knows.

Anyway, Mr. H said some interesting stuff, about how it's all to do with migration and adapting to environments, like having darker skin to protect you. He said that 99.99 percent of the DNA from a black person is identical to that of a white person, or people from any origin and skin color, for that matter. So it's really a small difference.

But yet, my philisophical mind raged angrily, it causes so much beep like racism, and bíggotry and evil things like that. Even death.

Over thousands of years people changed color, Mr. H said. Then he said that moving your family to a different place would shart showing up in the children, after thousands and thousands of years.

Then Brit said something about people's DNA can be checked and we'r all really cousins, or so she read somewhere. All this thought about DNA made me reme%mber that it feels like snot, as we learned in Bio.

Then someone started taking pictures with their camera phone, which someone else was doing in the asse%mbly by the way. You o, the one with all the rules that I kind of accidentally fell asleep half way in? Anyway, Mr. H was still talking about growing up and adapting to the environment, and stalkiness versus skinniness having to do with the environment.

Then in Chem, I was shivering all the while as I walked there, and I felt a sort of dementorish icy coldness, probably because I was deathly scared of the test. Oh, we did have the French quiz, I have no idea how that went. But anyway, I asked rachel some last minute questions, then took the quiz. It was very hard; so many rules, it just is freaky.

Then we had Brunch, where we all talked about tennis, because Joe got a racket that looked like a cage. Or rather the me%tal thing on it did. It was all patterned with little square holes. And we talked about T-Ball, kickball, home runs, people using my cane as a bat. Robert L came along too. I just now really thought that he and Madame L have the sa%me last name which is kind of amusing. I wonder if they've met? Anyway he was in our sixth grade shore class and he's a nice dude, in a shy way. Joe was pretending to attack him with his tennis racket, and Robert was like, "Caitlin, may I borrow your cane?"

And ow was like, "Oh, no, you don't, not to hit people with," with a mischivous grin as I hit Joe with it, which was amusing.

Then Joe accompanied me to English, and left as I turned into E Hall and he left for PE. I waved bye and walked to the third door, my cane almost getting slammed in a random door on my way, because I haven't quite memorized the position of the door and still have to count.

We had more Symbolism presentations, and more Les Mis Vocab, and more Les Mis talk.

Then I went to Maths, and there was no Mr. S. I felt sort of alone in the corner, except then the group of people next to me started cussing and arguing enjoyably again. They're very amusing and keep me laughing every day. !You probably think Í'm a freak for laughing at them so much.

I had an amusingly rebellious thought. "Í could turn into a real blind rebel and read in class."

But I like Mrs. N, and have no compelsion to read in cla%ss and not pay attention. Í am amused by the façt that blindies play with their blindie devices during class, but I just don't think I can do that. Everyone considers me to be a good, honest student who doesn't take advantage of being blind. Although Í don't think messing around on laptops is a bad thing altogether (I mean, everyone else passes notes and text messages, so why shouldn't we have our fun?), I wouldn't want to get in trouble, reprimanded or get my BN taken away.

Then Mrs. N came by to check on me, and said hi like she does almost every day and patted my shoulder, which was sweet.

We worked on our homework for mo/ of the period; it was mostly review, but she went over a few things too.

Then at Lunch, we plannned to go bowling later. Kellie, Sara and I, that is.

Derek told me, with "%s added commentary from Mr. Joe M, that he got successfully lost on his way to Chorus, %doue to a golf cart being parked at the base of the staircase at the end of the C hall across from Chorus. We usually trail a dirt path on the left and the stairs, then square off from the end of it and go straíght across to another grass expanse, whereupon we traíl and find the cement block that we can trail to get up to the Chorus building. However, the cart successfully screwed up Derek's straight shot, and he was wandering around in circles around by the office before Danny B saw him, ran into Choru%s to tell Joe Derek was lost and Joe came out to rescue him. But Derek had his own ideas and was already on his cell phone to the Resource department, like we'd been told to do if ever we got lost. But he told them he was okay and got to class just under a minute late, and apparently they hadn't even started yet.

We figured out that the golf carts that the School Campus Monitors (meaning Tony the Nark and the new guy whose name escapes me, oh I think his name is John Jacob, only I've nicknamed him John Jacob Jingle Heimer Smith, after that one annoying song, even though, to my knowledge, the guy's nice) drive around in, are bad luck. Okay, to fix that incredibly parentheisied sentence: the golf carts so the Narks drive are bad luck. I mean, there was:

1. Me running into it one time and hitting my forehead.

2. %Me running into it and nearly giving myself a heart attack because the bar on it whacked me right in the chest.

3. The many times we've tripped over them.

4. The times we hit it very hard with our canes.

5. The time I thought it was a person and said sorry for hitting it.

6. The time I was almost run over by that older man who thought I could see and was signaling at me to move out of the way, only I didn't see it, and I almost got decapitated, and Joe gave him a dirty look on my behalf, and my mom threatened to sue haha.

7. The rumor we heard upon entering this high school that Tony will run over your foot with the golf cart if you're late, and how Derek and I were scared senseless because we were late often at %middle school. Well not often, but enough.

And now,

8. Derek getting lost and wandering around in circle with no one in the immediate vicinity to ask for directions.

Derek and I agreed that, before long, one will break our cane, and that will be the ultimate bad.

Then we went to Resource; Derek finished checking his Math test, which must be one long sucker of a test, and I worked on my homework. Then we did our Inservice, because Derek finished his test. It went well, and with basic questions, not really anything original: guide dogs, how much can we see, just stuff we basically forgot to cover.

Then in Chorus, at one point Mr. A was like, "Here's your note, Caitlin," cuz I can't read music. And he was also dancing crazily to the "Zinga zinga zing, zinga zinga zing, zinga zinga zing, zinga zinga zing, zinga zinga zinga zinga zinga zinga zah" warmup, and everyone was laughing.

Then I walked back to the parking lot area, humming as usual, and feeling very happy it was the weekend. I'd remembered midway "shall Chorus that, as Í'd had to dash out of the room after the Inservice, I'd forgotten to grab my Math homework, which I'd had spread out on the desk where I was working. I might have considered stopping in Resource before I proçeeded to the parking lot, for it was right in my route, but I didn't want to make Derek's mom wait and get worried I was dead or something. I'd also left Resource in an even bigger hurry than usual because I wasn't sure if the golf cart was there, and if it was, I needed to allow time for me to attempt to get across, get lost, find help and get to Chorus, if that happened. Mrs. H said it should be gone, and that she's going to talk to the Narks about never parking there again, because of how it lavishly furked u%p Derek's route, and Derek's a very good cane traveler, so that's saying something. He, like, has never gotten lost at this school, which is saying something, as I got lost one of the last weeks of my freshman year, which is kind of sad. At lea/ it was because people turned me around, and not because I'm a really really bad cane traveler, which I don't think I am.

Anyway, I went to the gate, where Michael was there, and he was like, "Wow, it's Caitlin."

And Derek's mom said hi and asked about our day, and I said I'd left my Math in Resource, and she said, "Oh, well, you can go back and get it."

And Í was like, "Okay," but then I pau%sed.

"Can you make it?" she asked.

"Oh, I can make it fine, its just ... everyone's putting things in their lockers because of the rally, and it was murder getting over there." I looked imploringly at Michael. "Could you--was

"Sur," he said, and I grabbed his elbow and we ran off.

He told me he'd met Rowena, and when we were in Resource this girl was like, "Oh, hi, Michael," all happily, and I sort of ahered at him over the top of my brailler as I neatly tapped my papers on the desk to straighten them into a neat stack and said, "Michael, you're so popular."

And he just snorted at me, like I'd said something utterly ridiculous.

Then we went to Derek's house, and listened to TAS bits, involving Vocoders and funny sections.

Oh, Derek's inservices went well, and apparently he got almost all the same questions that we got in Resource, and he was amused by this and was sort of laughing, which I found amusing. His English inservice, by the way.

Then at ho%me, my mom said my finger with the ring was weird, and Court was reading my shirt, and going, "Turn turn," so she could see it, and I kept turning the wrong ways, which was funny.

I read my friends page, catching up with people, then ate some spaghetti and garlic bread, and was picked u%p by Kellie's mom to go bowling. Suzanne B and Kellie were in the car already. My mo%m had planned to drive me, but the guy who was replacing our car window had been late, so she couldn't.

We talked about pizza in the car, of all things, and were being generally amusing. LJ and French also came u%p, and we laughed about the "Je Suis Un Pizza" fandango.

It turned out there were no bowling lanes left, so we went back to Kellie's. Only we didn't go back in the normal way. There were quite a few of us by then: me, Kellie D, Sara D, Sarah R, Suzanne B and Kim H, as well as Mrs. D, Kellíe's mom, who was, by then, the only parent there. Kellie's mom's car only seated five, so we were in a bit of a fix. We offered to call our parents, but then Sara D said I could sit on her lap because I was so small, and Suzanne said she would ride in the trunk of all things, which is saying something as she'%s five foot seven. At first Kellie's mom objected to all this, saying it was too dangerous, but it was only a five-minute drive to the bowling alley, and a tame drive at that, over fairly vacant streets, so she said it would be okay.

As it turned out, it was hilarious; quite an adventure, hearing Suzanne yelping with laughter in the trunk and bumping into the sides when we went over a speedbump in Kellie's neighborhood. By then, we were all begging to go in the trunk, but Mrs. D said no, that we were just doing this because we had to. During this whole time, Sara's bony knees were driving me bananas, and I was constantly laughing fit to burst about Suzañne's squawks, and Sara was trying to make me sit up straíght and shield me at the same time, and she kept leaning forward and turning her head to get a view of Suzanne over the seat backs in the trunk, which was making me crash into the seat belt.

Eventually, when we reached Kellie's street, which was very much desserted, Mrs. D gave into our pleas, and Kellie and I slid into the trunk for a ride. I was afraid it would be very small. I've always imagined trunks to be a small divit, where the lid comes down, leaving a height of about a foot. But now I realize this is unreasonable; how could people fit bikes in their trunks if they were like this? Plus, I'd had trunk phobia ever since I heard that story of the woman getting her finger slammed in one and it look like hamburger meat afterward. But after hearing the fun Suzanne had had, I wasn't about to pass this up.

As it turned out, the trunk was quite big. I'd say it was about two feet by two feet, and about two feet tall too. Maybe give or take some. But I had plenty of room and didn't feel claustrophobic in the least.

Kellie and I both could fit at once, because Kellie's even shorter and skinnier than I am. We laughed and screamed alternately, and poked the other people's heads with our finger. Then Kim wanted to try so Kellie got out but I got to to stay in. There was this one amusing moment when we went over a bump and I fell over and wc up in Kim's lap and she was like, "Oh, are you my dog?"

And I like barked, and everyone thought it was funny.

When we got home, we played Trouble (my suggestion; it's always been one of my favorite aoard games), while The Ring 2 was on, and we were all jokingly freaking out at the scary parts. We ate popcorn, and brownies, the same brownies Kellie had given out at Lunch. Then the little Trouble pieces were getting greasy from our buttery hands, and I started rambling about how they look like lids, and how the makers might have liked to drink water out of them. And how in this set there were little holes in the bottoms of the lids, and how we should give them a bath in my water bottle.

Then Killie and I IM-ED people, which was fun. Kim and Sara D joined us a bit too.

I got home around 9:30, read more friends page, and talked to Farhan about his computer, and then got on TeamTalk with Farhan,



a whíspering TJ live from SHU

[Bad username: l`ightningcount8]

Matrix, and yeah. This was fun. There were issues with the dialup server and Bec something very interesting that I shall not repeat for fear of embarrassing her.

Then I caught up with the friends page somewhat more, and


[Unknown LJ tag]

(I get a thrill about tagging him as much as possible just because it annoys him, har har)

and I talked a bit too.

Also on TT, bad sound cards, and making paper shirts were mentioned. Don't ask.

Then Sam was acting The Matchmaker, or so it seemed.

I ended up falling asleep listening to my fanfic, and then I listened more in the morning, until my BN battery died, and I went online and things again. I've started talking to Hannah G, and she seems like a really nice girl.

I had a nice breakfast of a chocolate muffin, even though Í'd wanted a doughnut. There weren't any left so. Yeah.

Then I had a bath, which was actually kind of funny because I'd forgotten to grab a new bar of soap and so I was using this really, really small piece of soap, and it kept breaking up. Haha. Haha breaking up makes it sound like it's on a Skype call. Yes. Skype SoapPiece.

Then I read more LJ Friends Page, recorded a new chorus version of The Mirror, and talked to Mom about the chocolate festival, which we're going to tomorrow with Conn and Aunt Linda and Grandma. Conn actually thought of reminding us, and his mom, about it, which I just found out. I thought that was stellarly awesome.

I was wearing my shirt that says, "Everyone is entitled to my opinion," and then on the back it says, "AND my good looks."

Actually I'm still wearing that, only I'm now wearing sweat pants with it. Which doe%sn't really add to the "good looks" category, probably. More like definitely.

So we drove there, I wrote in here, ate a burger, drank a Coke and wore the sunglasses Mr. A gave me.

Upon arriving, we walked to the table where some kids were giving the tickets from Will Call, and this girl said to me, "Are you Chelsea M's friend?"

And I was like, "Omg! How did you know?"

And she was like, "I've seen pictures."

Haha I felt like I was a famous person. I was just like, "Um ... yeah, So suppose ... yeah!"


The play was awesome; very true to the book. The açtors were amazingness. Anne was totally stellar; cuz when she was little Anne, her voice was all little and tiny, and then as she got older she made it get older sounding and by the end she was using what you could tell was her real voice, which ow found impressive. Chelsea was awesome as Jane, and everyone else was awesome too. And I got an M and M cookie and a lemonade. And I love how in that theater they have those little swingy desks that are attached to the seats. It's nifty.

The play was hecka long but I liked it cuz it didn't skip anything crucial. It started at 2:00 and after visiting with Chelsea and her mom we left around like 6:00! It was amusingly long, yes. I think it was more like 6:30.

As I already said, I read my fanfic on the way home to be quiet. We got spaghetti for dinner and I listened to my fanfic for awhile when I got home. I finished it! Yaya. And then I ate my busketti while starting Book 7 in the Barb series. Yaya.

And now I've been writing and listening to random files, mostly Andre and TJ files, although I just revisited "J-Mad," my version. I don't have Rachel's anymore, which is sad. Thanks, IBM Think-Centre, for crashing. Gah at you!

I have Math, French and English homwork to do. Don't let or make me forget it either! Haha.

And now, memage! Yayayay! One that I liked and another that I am going to start. Thkyay. So here's a nice little meme I grabbed on 9-8, and am now getting around to posting.

This one's from





Look at your LJ "interests" list. If you have fewer than 50 interests, pick every fifth one. If you have between fifty and seventy-five interests, pick every seventh one. If you have over seventy-five interests, pick every tenth one. If you have fewer than ten, pick all of 'em.

List them on your LJ, and tell everyone exactly what it is about these things that interests you so much:

Oh-kay. Using my real interests list, the one from this journal not the




I here 150 so there will be 15 right?

Here waago.

Oh, this one I thought was the tenth, but it was fifteenth, Í wasn't thinking, but it amused me so Í'll put it here anyway.

Being Loud: Haha do I really have to explain this one? It's part of the definition of being me, really, and so it sort of interests me by default, you see?

Okay, now onto the real thing.

(1) 10. Authors: I love reading, and for awhile I thought I might be one, so yeah. Nuff said?

(2) 20. Books: This is very repetitive. I like reading. I like books. Always have, always will.

(3) 30. Choir: I lah-ahve too seeng! Again, always have, always will, no doubt.

(4) 40. Cross Country: I've always loved to run. In sixth grade I did track, but that experienced basically sucked, and I wrote this really boring story about it that I hate now because it sounds waaay too sad than it was meant to be, and it just sort of sucks. It's all incriminating. But yeah. Anyway, I wanna do cross country some day, if I find a friend who likes running and would run with me. I have a fear of running alone, see?

50. Eating Paper: I can't believe this is actually a linked interest. Well, this is a funny one. I started eating paper ever since I was like ifve and my sister said this boy in her fourth grade class who sat behind her did it all the time, and she thought it was disgusting and utterly repulsive. So of course, upon hearing that, you just know I had to try it. And strangely, I like it. And I eat it all the time. My favorites are binder and construction. My least favorite is braille paper, which tastes boring. There was also this little notebook Target used to sell, it was a miniature composition book. They may still sell it. Anyway, if you dipped that in water and ate it, it was like heaven on Earth. Haha.

(6) 60. Frozen Toast: Haha,



will be amused by this, as our favorite topic (or one of them) is my strange eating habits. This one also occurred when I was around six. My friend Cati W told me frozen toast was good so I tried it. And yes, I know I should call it frozen bread. I used to pretend it was a buttered iceberg. Don't ask why.

(7) 70. High School: As I'm a loving (ish) member of one, Í suppose I should be interested. And so I am. And, in effect, it is kinc of interesting, watching these walking bundles of hormones interact with one another day after day, complain, grunt, eat and do or not do their homework subsequently.

(8) 80. Linguistics: Though not as obsessed as Derek, I've always had a mild interest in Language. I think I get a thrill out of saying stuff and knowing other people can't understand. And I love accents. Yay.

(9) 90. Meep: A TBRN word. Yet another I can't believe is a linked interest. Meep meep at you all. Haha. And yes, that's a compliment of sorts, I guess.

(10) 100. Perfect Pitch: Ooh, I'm glad this one's here. Well, this subject never ceases to happify and amaze me. I'm glad I have it, even though I need to hone mine in "%s ways. Well, I need to brush up my theory knowledge, not so much my PP, but they're interrelated so. Yeah. Anyway ;%PP rocks, yo! Haha.

(11) 110. Psychology: In Health, the study of the mind and mental disorders and stuff always interested me. I think next year I may take Psych, rather than pursue French, as I'm not altogether awesome in it or anything.

(12) 120. Singers: I love music, singing, etc., and have wanted to be a singer for age%s.

(13) 130. Talking On The Phone: I really don't like this as much as I used to. Now that I'm in high school, I don't really have time to lie around having expansive conversations so much, but I still do, to some extent. I really don't enjoy this so much anymore, because I can't multitask on the phone without being blatantly obvious, and that just annoys me, but when I'm talking to the right people, it's very enjoyable.

(14) 140. Tormenting People: Especially my close/ friends. In an affectionate, teasing, caring way, of course. Ish.

(15) 150. Writing: And, back to square one again. How weird. Yay. Writing is fun.

I can't believe that, except for that one fifteen foul-up, I didn't muck that up.

And now, it doesn't say anything about tagging, so just do it if you feel like it. It's quite amusing really.

And now, for my original meme!

1. You can only do this meme if you are legally blind or low vision. Sighties can participate in the comments (see Number Four).

2. Wríte down the name of your eye condition, and a brief description, if you like, in case people haven't heard of it.

3. List as many people as you can who share your eye condi;ñ. Use LJ tags if they have an LJ, nicknames, real names, whatever.

4. Encourage your friends to comment and tell you about people who aren't on your list. The theory is that you will meet new people who have your condition and thus have people to chat with.

5. Pass this on to all your blindie pals. Don't tag them all, but just beg them to do it, and pass it on in turn! Make sure that these directions are pasted by your friends into their journals, so their friends will know how to do this.

6. Have fun being a blindie! Be proud!

Okay, here goes mine.

1. I am blind. Yay.

2. I have Leber's Congenital Amaurosis, or LCA for short. It's a genetic mutation. My pinents each have this gene, and when they have kids, there's a one in four chance the kid'll be blind. The other alternatives are carrying the gene, be sighted, or one other one. Being blind and carrying the gene? I don't remember. And I really should because I did a project on it last year in Bio, but whatever.



can help me out. As he does with everything. And he'll probably have more people to add to my list.


A: Jacob the Snakob




B: Claudia




C: Yours Truly (AKA Caitlin H)

D: Tiffany


E: Nick G

[Unknown LJ tag]

F: Nick G's Sister

G: Maryann

[Unknown LJ tag]




I: That other little kid Nick who I met at the Braille Challenge. Wait, what if that was Nick G? I don't think it was. Wouldn't we have remembered? Plus, I think this Nick was younger than me. And he played the drums, a lot. And sang "Hanging by a Moment" by Life House at the talent show at Camp Bloomfield. Anyway he had it.





Sam's ...


um ... his old friend.

I know there's more but I don't remember them.

4. Everyone comment and help me; I know there are more Little Lebers out there, probably quite a few I know too.

5. All you blind people do this! Yeah, go on, go on, you know you want to! I know that some of you are ... um ... ashamed to share your disease with some people, but I know some of you will have quite long lists!

6. I'm proud to be a blindie, for at least I know I'm free. And I always thank my mom and dad, who gave this gift to me. And Í'll proudly stand up next to you, and declare myself a blind, and cuz it ain't no lie, I love my life! God Bless old LCA!

Dude, that song should be copywrit! It rocks! Just joking.

Well, I think this entry is quite, quite enough to be getting on with! All of you take care, and I shall talk to you soon! Sorry to keep you waiting so long for this entry and all! Pipity pip pipsters!
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