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Friday, June 15, 2005

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In My Mom's Room

I am so lazy right now. I have my waist all the way up to my head lying on a bean bag with my legs sticking straight out across the carpet. Under me is a blanket which elevates my hips somewhat. I have the fan blowing over me on my left, and the window open above me. I have a tank top and shorts on, and I'm in my mom's room. My wet hair also helps in the cooling factor, as I just took a bath. I'm obviously going to change before going to Borders (yep, that's where I'%m going) to get my Harry Potter. %M about why I'm going there later. And hopefully this bit of R and R will help me stay up all night, which I fully intend to do. Even if I wasn't reading, like I said, I would anyway: This is the only realistic way to keep cool around here. Unless you want to go down to some stores where it feels like the Arctic and you need a 1jacket to be comfortable.

So anyway, about today.

We got to schoo, got the kiddos from the bus. I read Brianna That's Not My Bear, and we had Circle Time. Brianna was being very good, and she randomly said, "Woot!", all happily, which made me smile with pride and adoration.

Brianna did our weather forecast. She stood before the class and announced in a shy but clear voice, like a miniature radio broadcaster, "Today is warm and sunny."

Then we went on a shape walk, which was very pointless. We just walked around looking for things that were squares, circles and rectangles, and tallying them off. Cute, though, but kind of hard since these kids like to wander off. Brianna ambled along chattering while Mom and I helped her to look for shapes. The high point was when Mom showed her the Braille, with print above it that read, "Multi-Purpose Room." And I went, "There are two circles," and placed my incex and middle fingers in the O's. They fit perfectly. "And an open triangle," I said, drawing a box around the 90-457ree angle that the L in multi formed. I thought of Geometry and winced.

Then we went back to the classroom and my mom unearthed "Gobs Of Gum," one of Brianna's other tactile books. I started reading it, but then each kid had to say how many of each shape they'd found, and my Mom made us listen. This was blah because all the kids kept interupting each other and being generally chaotic, and both Brianna and I were bored to tears, which was amusing.

During the recitation of the shapes, we discovered that Brianna had, ironically, found the most shapes.

Then we had snacktime, and Brianna kept saying woot, like I kept singing "You Are My Hero," and Brianna joined in.

Then Matti sat with us, eating her peanut butter crackers.

We talked to her, and randomly, she said to my Mom, "You're weird"--pointing to my mom--"And she's not!"--pointing to me.

I thought this was comical. My mom went, "I beg to differ." Then Matti hissed to me, "Tell your mom to shut up," and I said:


And my mom asked what and I said. And she was all shocked and went, "Matti, my daughter was taught manners and how to respect her elders," and my mom went off on this amusing tangent.

"She's weird and you're not!" Matti bellowed to me.

"You're whacko," my mom teased Matti.

Then Brianna broke in. "I'm whacko," she said solemnly.

Laughter city ensued.

Then we went on the playground, and it was also hot. Brianna gave me yet another hug, and wooted a lot. Then we had a group hug, and Mom was like, "Awww, this is so sweet," And Brianna said:


right on cue. Which was adorable.

Then we went back in, had yet more soft wootings, and silent reading, in which I read all the way through Gobs Of Gum, and then read Jennifer's Messes, Jellybean Jungle and Hand, Hand, Fingers Thumb twice. I let Brianna page through each book. Then we had no more booas and Brianna wanted "That's Not My Bear," 1but when I asked my mom for permission be"start it she said no because the buddies were coming to read to the kids. And I was like, "Um, Mom, what do I do with her?"

And Mom's like, "You entertain her."

So I was also bent out of shape about that because poor Brianna was bored and kept saying, "I'm bored," which was boring and saddening.

But then Deborah came at the same time the buddies did, so we left for another room, where Deborah worked with Brianna with Braille. Then she read Froggy Gets Dressed with her, which is an adorable book. I remember Mr. D read it to us when we were in thiod grade, and how he yelled, "Frogeeeeee!" in this high, croaky voice when reading for Froggy's mother.

Then, Deborah took me with her to meet little Kaitlyn. She has been telling me about Kaitlyn forever, and how she is adorable and like me when ow was little; all perky and happy and small.

So I said bye to the class, and a few called, "We'll miss you, Caitlin," which is quite advanced really. Because today was my last day with Brianna, because of Wizard of Oz, which is all day.

As I left, I thought about how much Brianna has grown over the year since last summer, and how Mom said she asked for me on days when I wasn't there.

I was eager to meet Little Kaitlyn, as we christened her.

As Deborah drove, we talked about Harry Potter and how I'm going at midnight. Then Deborah was saying how these kids were on TV and they were claiming to be the most obsessed people ever. They had all this HP stuff all over their rooms and yet, when the people quizzed, them--get this!--they didn't know what the Quidditch balls all were called! I'm dead serious! That's, like, the easiest trivia question known to man. I hate it when people pretend to be obsessed and aren't. I used to be obs"assed, but I am so not anymore. My days of listening to nothing but HP, quoting the books and playing the trivia games for hours are long over. So are the wistful dreams in sixth grade of receiving a letter from Hogwarts. I thought, "Well, Harry didn't believe in magic either at first. I mean, he didn't not believe it, but he was shocked, and he was normal."



told me she thought like this too.

Anyway, we got there, and all the little kids were there. The ladies in the room said hi to me and Deborah said I was one of her ex-students, which was amusing. Then we go over to this table that is sooo tiny, and there's this little girl sitting in the corner.

"Miss Kaitlyn," Deborah said, going over to her. It was eerie: how many times had she said the exact same thing to me, for so many years, with the very same inflection, as I sat at a table. Memories flooded me: pouring from cup to cup in Pre-School, refusing to eat my fruit, finger-painting, jumping up and down on the Jump-a-Roo, ripping my head open against the corners of desks in Pre-Pre-School. Meeting Derek for the first time with Deborah introducing us, and me going, "I'm Caitlin Jeanne H!" and him saying pompously, in his kl high girlish voice, "I'm Derek Jon C!"

Good times good times.

"I brought Big Caitlin," Deborah said to Little Kaitlyn.

Little Kaitlyn continued eating. I stuck out my hand to shake, and Deborah helped me find Little Kaitlyn's hand. It was sooo tiny, like an infant's hand. It felt like a small circle with minute tendrils projecting from it, more like a little dot than a hand. I gently held it in mine and shook it up and down a bit.

"What are you eating, Kaitlyn?"

"I'm eating my bagle," Little Kaitlyn answered.

I'd waited for her to speak, and now had heard it. With a little of the babyish drawl still in it, the voice was high, but low at the same time. Her sort of accent almost made her sound like a chipmunk because of the enunciated nature of her words.

"Awawawwww," I couldn't help mouthing to Deborah as I felt a huge, affectionate grin wander its way sappily across my face.

"Why are you wearing glasses, Kait?" Deborah asked little Kaitlyn.

"I don't o," that little voice replied angelically.

"She has a prosthetic," Deborah said to me. "When she looks at things, she tips her head to one side. It's very cute. But her mom might want her to wear glasses to protect the prosthetic."

"Oh," I acknowledged.

"What else did you have in your lunch, Kait?" Deborah asked.

"She had a meat and cheese sandwich but she didn't want the meat or cheese," the teacher said.

"A picky eater. Sounds familiar," Deborah teased, poking me. I smiled, knowing who she meant.

"Tell Big Caitlin where you went yesterday," Deborah said to Little Kaitlyn.

"Nooo," Little Kaitlyn drawled.

"Ooh, she's being s-t-u-b-b-o-r-n," Deborah spelled.

"We went on a field trip to Seaworld, and Kaitlyn touched a dolphin," one of the teachers said.

"Wow, Kaitlyn, that's awesome!" I said. I leaned down and smiled.

"Where are you from, Kaitlyn?" Deborah coaxed.

"I'm from my house," Kaitlyn replied seriously.

"But where did you used to live?"

"In New York," Kaitlyn said proudly.

I thought of yet another Caitlin,

Caitlin L


and how she's in New York, too. So really, I'm Medium Caitlin. Haha.

Then Deborah told Kaitly to get her "baby," which is a little doll Kaitlyn has. The other kids went out to recess. Kaitlyn washed her hands and went to her cubby. She said her doll was at home, but that she didn't want to adopt another from the school's collection, because when her Daddy came to get her, she'd make him drive home and get her doll. Awww.

Then she read her Braille, and wrote on the braille writer, like lightning. My mom came and met her about then, and then we had to leave so I wouldnt be late for TAFK. I patted Little Kaitlyn's chubby arm. "It was great to meet you," I said to her, and to the teachers.

And I left the pre-school, totally charmed by Little Kaitlyn.

we ran At TAFK, we ran NYC, then The Trolley Song, in which Leah made the little boy, Seva (dunno how to spell it) kiss Geneveve. She told us all not to laugh, but we couldn't help it because the little boy was sooo stressed and didn't wanna do it. And Leah, being the cruel (ish) person she is (just joking), made him do it over and over. The poor little children were all grossed out. Plus, Leah kissed Seva to show him how it was done.

Then we did What A Waste, and Leah told me just to go with it, and Carol would follow me. So I did, and I did okay. Nervously and tentatively plodding along, I felt I was doing the tempo wrong, because the accompaniment is different than on the CD and I just can't get it, but Carol followed me.

Then we ran through the whole show, and my narration was cut out, but Leah said she'd make it up to me in WOO so that's cool. Ish. I'm kinda scared haha. Maybe she'll make me do something freaky.

I got loads of comments on my shirt. I wore the "I'm so dangerous I should come with a warning label" one.

We each got a cookie, and I made lots of nice crumbs and stepped on them by mistake.

Anyway, about my shirt. Leah read the shirt and laughed, and I overheard Sandy telling someone about it on the phone, I've no idea whom. Lauren said it was very cute, and Paloma said it was cool, and lots of other kids seemed to be leaning over my shoulders and staring at me more than usual, but I knew what they were looking at.

When we ran Hushaby Mountain, and got our places, I was on a bench with one girl, and Leah was like, "Now, if Caitlin would move her big tush, one of you could sit here. Just kidding, Caitlin."

Haha it was hilarious. The whole class cracked up.

And then Leah was like, "If anyone has a big tush in here, it's sure as heck not Caitlin."

Them we had break, and Miles and I ran our dance. It went well, I think we've mainly got it perfected.

Then we went back in, like ran Razzle Dazzle, and that was it. I waited with chichi, talked about this camp and last year's and certain students, and in general hung with she and Lauren. This was because Mom had called and was to come late. I sat with Courtney, after awhile, because the assistants were helping Leah.

Then Mom came.

"Hi, Debbie, have you come to pick up your child?" Lauren joked.

"Well, I don't know, do I have to?" Mom joked back.

"We'll take her, we don't mind her," Leah said from the depths of a closet.

"That makes a change," I teased.

Chichi had said I was angelic earlier, and vauren agreed, which I found amusing.

Then Leah called Courtney over to do something with a box. I teasingly complained, "You never let me do anything, Leah, you're so mean."

"Stop whining," Leah barked jokingly.

"Eeheheh," I whined.

Then Mom and I laughed and I talked to her about how Geneveve is so awesome as the lead, and how she is going to be astounded by the great performers in Trolley Song. Lauren told me that Geneveve's dad is an opera singer, so in their case, it still run in the family. Her brother was also in Level 3 and went to Hawaii with me.

I was very thirsty, and we went and got headphones, and batteries and a drink of water for me and we saw Mrs. D, the mom of one of my mom's students from last year.

Then we went out for dinner. The waitress was very sweet. I had the little incident I tell everyone about happen again. You know, the bit about how they think I'm twelve, and they give me crayons. Just to be amusing, I practiced writing my my name, and then drew sloppy rainbows with the four crayons I was given. Then I started writing random letters.

I ate my miniature burgers, buns with butter, fries, Coke and chocolate Sundae with Oreos. It was all scrumptious.

Then I had some Tic Tacs, which was amusing because my mom had taken them out of my spot for them in my door. But I heard them rattling, and told her where they were in the front seat, which was amusing. Strange talents I do have. Ish.

Then we were both singing One, and then we went to Borders and got our number to wait in line, which is 51. The festivities began at nine, but my Mom and I both didn't feel much like going because it was mostly for little kids.

Then my Mom looked for an iron, and I was so bored I did my One and Razzle Dazzle dances in the aisles and sang What A Waste under my breath while strolling down the shoe aisle as my mom browsed.

Then I went home, read the friends page, and finally listened to my Wonderful Town CD, which has the bad version What A Waste. I knew I should have checked. I am the most ... what's the word? The word ... oh. Reckless. Ish.

Then I got in the bath, and I had the radio on, and I spazzed because a Wicked commercial came on.

I thought about staying up all night, and how I'll need Pepsi, and how there is supposedly going to be a death of someone close to Harry, and how I'll probably wind up crying like I did at the Sisterhood movie. I am so emotional lately.

Right, well, I'm done for tonight. I'll make notes about tomorrow and stuff, but I probably will be writing one huge entry once I'm done with HP 6. I won't want to write while I'm listening much. I'll just give rough descriptions probably. But it all depends on how fast I finish. But I will pretty much be AWOL for a few days. That includes phone haha.

Ooh, JKR is on TV!

Bye guys! Happy reading, if you're an HP fan!
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