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Monday, January 15, 2007

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So after getting e-mails, phone calls, IM-S, and, most recently, quite a profane little FaceBook wall post from Miss Tiffany, who went and got a new LJ name that I don't remember at the moment and so cannot tag, I decided I'd better update this thing before you all shoot me. I must say, I didn't know people actually liked reading this thing. I mean, people were always making fun of me for writing so much in it so often, and then I stop, and everyone's deleting me from their friends pages and throwing these conniption fits. It's rather satisfying to know that I've gotten so many of your lives scrambled without my updates to let you know that, indeed, the world is still turning. Okay, I'm just being silly now.

So, uh, I kind of don't even know what to say. The world is still turning. I'm still here. I had a good Christmas and New Year, in which I went to Disneyland, got a chair with a back massager, and baby-sat for two adorable little boys with

Melanie C.


I'm writing a new novel that's very psychotic, and, as usual, I have it all outlined but will probably never finish it. I'm even ambitious enough to hope that I can turn it into a musical someday, but I know that will never, ever, EVER happen. I just like to do these creative things to keep my spirits up, you know?

What else? All my friends are doing well. It's almost



birthday, and also






Oh, and also,



figured out my upside-down Braille code thing from a million years ago, which is really quite a feat. So congrats, you Canadian genius.

Uh. Hmm. Lannie's doing fine. He loved Disneyland, he hasn't thrown up again, and he is basically perfect. As I tell everyone, "anything that goes wrong when I'm working with Lannie is probably my fault."

I'm trying to trade my evil PacMate for a BrailleNote mPower, because this BrailleNote, which I've had since age eleven and have pounded on every day is slowly dying. I shorted out the keyboard and got it replaced about a month ago, heh. Well, after writing LJ's and novels and poems and essays and notes and tests and lists and lame songs and everything else on it for six or so years, I don't see how it lasted this long. But anyway. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I wrote a persuasive letter and begged Pulsedata to save me before my BrailleNote dies and kills me along with it. Ish.

Derek and Eric are going to All State (a really awesome choir thingy), which is quite hot. I want to go next year, but I'm really not too bummed that I'm not going. I mean, it'd be fun, but good things come to those who wait. I'll have to work on my tonal memory more if I want to get in. (Being good at perfect pitch does not equate being good at tonal memory. In my case, I think it hinders it. But let's not go there, because thinking about my ineptitude is depressing.)

Hmmm. What else? Oh! I know! The Dessert Shows are coming up. Like last year, when I sang Hear My Song and Only Hope? That was the Treble show. Now I get to be in the Treble show and the Concert Choir show. So I'm pretty darn psyched! Concert auditions are first; I'm thinking of doing something with Derek C, a solo act, and Eric and I have already been planning to sing "As Long As You're Mine" from Wicked forever. Last night, we practiced it, and we got this really quite nifty karaoke track of it. And we made up this choreography that is probably quite ridiculous, but we had a great time, as always.

I went to the San Francisco Symphony this past Wednesday, which was lots of fun, and a new experience. Even though I fell asleep for part of it. Well, it was early. And orchestra music is very soothing. But the second half was very intense, and I stayed awake and entertained myself by trying to figure out what instruments were playing which notes, and stupid nerdy things like that. And after that we (that is to say, my Mom, Lannie and I) went to Max's Opera Café, and then to the Light House for the Blind (squee) where I got a bunch of new blindie gear, including some really stellar playing cards that are made of flexible plastic. I was pretty pumped. Heh.

Um. I dunno what else to say, other than that I love my friends. Because they are always there for me. That means more to me than I could ever express. And yes, that definitely includes all you stalkers who are chasing me and screaming for updates. (smirk)

So I really gotta go study for finals, and finish my homework. But I wanted to update because Tif's wall post sounded rather threatening. Haha. And it inspired me. Don't freak out if I don't update for awhile. I'm a busy child. And I always, always e-mail. So hit me up:

Okay? Peace out.
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