caitlin H (caitlin45) wrote,
caitlin H

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Time: 10:29 PM

Current Mood: Happyyyyy!

Current Music: Me Typing

In My Room

On The Computer

So, I was randomly happy in Bio because I got to unpack shiny brand-new slides and cover slips. Then I was sad in Chem because ... well, I'm bad at Chem? And then I was mad on the way to English because I'm tired of peopel running into Lannie and I in the halls and not apologizing or moving or being remotely kind. And then I was happy in English because I wrote a random poem. And then I was happy at Brunch because I was with my friends and ate yummy candy. And then I was happy in History because we had a fake election. And then I was really, really happy in Choir. i was seriously filled with Choir love today. I got to lead a weird random dancing chorus exercise and everyone clapped and laughed at and for me, nonrespectively. And I love singing christmas songs like jingle Bells and Oh Come All ye Faithful. I smile and dance when I'm not even supposed to, because i feel so goood. And then we had Honor Choir practice, which made me feel both happy and terrified, because the musi is sooo haaard, and I'm gonna diiie. And then I ate my Lunch in Resource and gushed about Philip Pullman's books with Heather and took Lannie outside, during which soem random guy said "hey" to me, and I have no idea who he was, and it was rather awkward. And then in Treble I led the same exercise and got clapped for again, and it toally made my day, the whole thing. And then we um sang, i guess, oh yeah, we did. I was just trying to remember what we sang. But now I remember. Um. And then i had Mobility, but I was being a slacker, and so Mr. C and I mostly jsut talked. And walked randomly around near the portables trying to find a non-muddy relieving spot. And then we went to Resource, where Lannie got petted and started playing with all the womenfolk teacher-type people. And then ... uh-oh, I'm being yelled at to go to bed. Um, I ate food and had tutoring, e-mailed with Rachel so fast we might as well have been IMing and talked to my wonderful friends Eric and Kaitlyn on the phone. I also played the piano: my song is so totally like almost actually done, like, oh my Gooosh! Like, it's so fun! Seriously. And i'm sorry I haven't written, iv'e jsut been so busy tired. And now i msut go. So tootles! Four-day weekend though. Yes, yes, soooo sexyyy! okay. Byyye!
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