caitlin H (caitlin45) wrote,
caitlin H

Friday, November 3, 2006

Time: 11:09 PM

Current Mood: Happily Tired

Current Music: Me Typing

In My Room

It's at times like this when I feel completely at peace in the world. I just took out The Amber Spyglass and read my favorite scene, and it made me feel so warm and contented inside. And I reflected on my friends, and my life in general, which, even though it has its ups and downs, really is pretty darn good. And I just feel good all over, and that makes me happy.

It's late, and I have a sore throat (colds are definitely going around), and I have choir rehearsals tomorrow and Sunday, so I'd best go to bed. Í'll try to write more soon, I know I've been very lax and uninformative of late. Honestly nothing has been going on, except I got A Minuses in all three academic subjects--Chem, English and US History--which kind of irked me. I feel like I could be doing much better. If it weren't for disturbing, teenaged, hormone-induced thoughts that pervade my existence, Í could probably actually focus and do better. But pshsh, I didn't say that.

Peace out, have a good weekend!
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