caitlin H (caitlin45) wrote,
caitlin H

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Time: 10:06 PM

Current Mood: Happy

CUrrent Music: Eric On The Phone

In My Room

Wow, yay for Eric's blowing his nose in my ear. Talking about ... things I won't elucidate about here, because they are of a personal matter to the aforementioned.

Today was fun. I am reading the best novel called Gremlins, or The Gremlins, or something. In contrast to the movie, which I am told was cheesy, this book is intriguing and very well-written.

Choir today was uneventful; Hunter wasn't there, so I had no one to orture. I hate singing songs on "pah," "doo," "la," "loo" and various other variations. Especially when they're in foreign languages.

It's a new month, which means a Heartworm pill for vannie and a hundred more books for me! (goes off into Dreamland)

Tootle pip!
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